Working With Schools

What can we offer to schools?

We offer a range of activities to schools and school groups, from half day adventures to full week residential trips at our hostels in Glencoe and on the Isle of Mull. The activity programmes are tailored to each school group or class, so the young people can get the most out of it.

Activities include rock climbing, abseiling, coasteering, gorge walking, canyoning, hill and exploration walks. School activities can also be delivered in the winter, and include winter skills and walking in the snowy mountains.

We have 30 years' experience of working with young people aged 5 upwards from all backgrounds. All of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced, hold first aid certificates and are members of the PVG scheme.

The benefits of outdoor learning

Not all young people flourish indoors, in a classroom environment. The work that we do enables key life skills to be learned and developed in the outdoors. We work to build resilience, confidence, respect and challenge poor behaviours. Our staff offer positive role models.

To achieve the best outcomes for young people and sustained behaviour change we know relationships need to be long-term and consistent, which is why we aim to have the same instructors working with the same young people.

We routinely see young people coming to life outdoors, as they explore not only the natural environment, but also their relationships with peers and teachers in a different setting. They are pushed to work with others, building trust and friendships through the joy of shared experiences.

Regular exposure to the outdoors massively increases physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as aiding young people in developing an understanding in how to keep themselves healthy, and how to regulate their feelings.

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What might an outdoor programme look like?

Pupil Equity Funded (PEF) activities are a regular timetable of activity sessions for the same group of pupils throughout the school year. This group may have been identified as pupils who will benefit the most from a routine of outdoor learning.

One to one sessions for young people that benefit from a developing a strong relationship built on trust and care. These sessions allow us to be led by the young person and provide the support they need to thrive in different situations.

Parent and child sessions to support and develop crucial family relationships. These can be with one child or siblings, and are tailored to each family group.

Art based sessions use creativity and the outdoors to explore the natural environment as well as the young person's individual feelings. These introduce a new and different way of expressing what they are experiencing.

What does it include?

Our outdoor day programmes for schools include one highly qualified and experienced instructor, minibus transport from and to the school, all specialist equipment, admin support and insurance cover.

Find out about costs and potential partial and full funding opportunities by contacting us.

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