Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Take on the challenge of rocky crags using ropes or tackle guided climbing.

About the Course

Rock climbing both outside and indoors is a fantastic way to push yourself and try a new way of keeping active. Abseiling is the most challenging way down the rock face. It's extremely rewarding to get to a new high point when rock climbing, or take those first few steps over the edge on an abseil.

These activities are a great way to bond as a team if it's your first time trying it, or to develop your skills as you learn to become an independent rock climber. It is suitable for all ages and abilities, and we will match the difficulty to your experience.

Climbing Courses

We offer tailored courses built around your requirements and learning objectives. We can help you to:

  • Improve your skills knowledge
  • Tick a classic route on a mountain crag
  • Learn to second or lead climb
  • Refresh your skills for CWA and RCI awards
  • Alpine preparation essentials

These can be any length from one to 5 days. We can work 1 to 1, and take up to 4 people for some of these courses. This allows us to focus on delivering what is right for you.

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Booking Information

We provide all technical and specialist equipment for your chosen activity. This is best booked as a group activity, and we can offer a lower price per person for a bigger group.

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