Arts Activities

Arts Activities

Exploring the outdoors through mark-making and discover your inner creativity.

About the Course

You'll learn how everyone has the capability to create great artwork, no matter what their previous experience. And the outdoors is the perfect place to find inspiration. Art is a great way to reflect and respond to the environment.

A supportive atmosphere with qualified artists allows everyone to explore their creativity and share freely without judgement. As well as an opportunity to form deeper bonds with others, art is known for increasing mental health and wellbeing, and often brings a sense of relaxation.

The activity can be delivered to groups, families or 1 to 1. We also have a qualified art therapist who joins our team to help get the most out of these sessions.

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Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Rock Climbing / Abseiling

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We provide all technical and specialist equipment for your chosen activity. This is best booked as a group activity, and we can offer a lower price per person for a bigger group.

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