Scramble along ridges and rocky buttresses of graded mountaineering ground.

About the Course

Scrambling is really good fun and takes you off the normal walking paths. It is essentially very easy rock climbing where you require hands and feet to make upward progress. At its easiest entry level no ropes or technical equipment are required. At a more advanced level the use of  rope techniques will be required.

Classic routes such as The Zig-Zags or Curved Ridge in Glencoe or Ledge Route and Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis are all very popular.

You can be guided or learn to lead the way and use technical equipment yourself. We work with low ratios which enables us to focus on individual needs and keep everyone safe.

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Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Rock Climbing / Abseiling

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We provide all technical and specialist equipment for your chosen activity. This is best booked as a group activity, and we can offer a lower price per person for a bigger group.

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