What We Do

Outdoor Adventures &
Real-Life Learning Experiences

Creating space for change & making change possible.
Our outdoor activities, courses and expeditions give young people and adults the chance to experience the outdoors like never before. Year-round residentials, single and multi-day activities, work with school groups and DofE expeditions take place in one of the best adventure playgrounds in the world: the highlands of Scotland.

Who We Work With

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Community and Youth Groups

Young Adult Groups

Your adventure, your way

Whether you are a youth group leader or a group of adults looking for an adventure, tell us the outcomes important to you, and we will create an experience to match.
Our home turf is Oban to Glencoe, but we can also travel to you throughout the UK.

 Adventures are built around the abilities of each person. Yet every activity is expertly designed to push boundaries.
Together, we shift mindsets, build confidence and help people of all ages realise they can achieve more than they thought possible.

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Specialists in working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Experience, empathy and a sense of humour - they help us connect with young people. Although every young person's situation is unique, our approach is designed to engage, support and challenge each and every one.

We work with young people with family caring responsibilities, facing social exclusion or living in financial deprivation. Some are in the care of social services or have turbulent and challenging home lives.

Residentials offer respite, which creates space for change. Our real-life learning experiences make change possible. 

Learning happens naturally outdoors. So, we use it to inspire, engage, embed new skills and introduce different ways of being and behaving.

Grow Confidence

Encourage self-respect

Develop resilience

Introduce coping mechanisms

Increase independence

Improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

Demonstrate their potential

Develop aspirations for the future

Build life skills

Funded adventures for young people experiencing disadvantage

Outdoor experiences are often inaccessible to the young people who would benefit most. That’s why we part and fully fund our adventures for groups of young people and young adults (ages 5-26), who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance. Availability and level of funding are based on several factors and we consider each case on its merit.

If you are a group leader/youth worker and you’d like to discuss the possibility of part of full funding for your group, please get in touch with us. We can work in partnership with you to access funding if our current funding does not fit for your group.

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